Hemp Loofa - Body Soap

Hemp Loofa - Body Soap

Early Girl Creations

  • $12.00

From the Garden to your Shower! Our Handcrafted Hemp Loofa Soap is a Wonderful Exfoliating Sponge that Gently Removes the Surface Layer of Dead Skin Cells, Leaving Skin Looking & Feeling Radiant, Healthy, Revived, and Smooth.
Handcrafted with Love, Always.

Scented with Organic Lemon Grass & Hemp Oil.

Zero Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, or Detergents.

Exfoliation Enhances Circulation.

Removing Dead Skin Cells Not Only Improves the Look of your Skin, it also Sweeps Away Places where Bacteria and Soil may Collect.

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